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One account. Anywhere.

Registred user can access to this wireless network (anywhere, where this neteork is available) with one user account. Your main Institute is where your account can be managed and created.

This service is free of charge.


Aktivation of eduroam account

Your eduroam account has two parts - username and realm. You will add a character @ and realm zslipovec.cz as a username when roaming. Before you can use roaming, it is necesarry to take you password from IT dep.


Setting up user devices to connect to eduroam

For secure connection is not only username and password needed. You have to setup certificate check. The easiest way is eduroam CAT

For manual setup you will need following informations:

  • Network name (SSID): eduroam
  • Connection protocol: 802.1x
  • Security and encryption: WPA2/AES
  • EAP method: PEAP
  • Phase 2 authentication: MS-CHAPv2
  • IP radius server: eduroam.zslipovec.cz
  • CA: eduroam CA
  • IP adress is automatically assigned via DHCP



eduroam is available throughout the school


Network filtering

Network traffic is filtered in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic.

The traffic of visitors is not affected, except filtering outgoing SMTP traffic (TCP/25), for sending your email, please use SMTPS (TCP/465) or Submision (TCP/587).



Our Institute users can contact us via email zslipovec@email.cz.